Here we feature several projects that tell a story – some from the Netherlands, others from around the world, including East Asia and the Middle East. For more projects, please contact us, visit our company profiles, or download a PDF for an introduction to waterfront development services.

Breskens - A hotspot for sailors, The Netherlands

Breskens, The Netherlands

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Plan to develop Breskens into a hotspot for sailors as part of the transformation of the waterfront More

Yacht Valley Strategic Vision

Excursion Yacht Valley Partners

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A strategy for the overall transformation of the water sports industry in the area, and also specific plans for the redevelopment of five waterfronts. More

Feasibility Study for Walvis Bay, Namibia

Walvis Bay, Namibia

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The natural features of the area, thriving sea life, and pleasant atmosphere of the community make Walvis Bay a special place More

Xiamen Yachting Industry Development Plan, China

Xiamen, China

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Due to its strategic location, stunning coastline with islands, beaches and waterfront developments, Xiamen has its own distinctive development advantages More

Flevoland - A Tour in Yachting Network Development & Marinas

Bataviahaven, Lelystad, The Netherlands

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A tour around the capital of Lelystad reveals several lessons in creating waterfronts: marinas with different uses and a network of interesting things to connect them. More

Monnickendam - Waterfronts NL's Collective Expertise


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Monnickendam is a quaint, traditional Dutch town 15 km north of Amsterdam situated on the Markermeer – part of the former inland sea. More


Poznan Development Strategy, Poland

Poznan image courtesy of KuiperCompagnons, City of Poznan, and SwedeCenter

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This project integrates two fundamental issues which previous engineering strategies were unable to reconcile More

The Frisian Lakes Project, The Netherlands


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Home to around 35,000 yachts, Friesland is considered to be the boating capital of the Netherlands. More

Qingdao Waterfront Redevelopment, China


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Qingdao's waterfront was transformed from an industrial shipyard into a vibrant public waterfront in preparation the Olympics More

Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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With over 200 natural islands, Abu Dhabi's marine industries are growing rapidly. More

Historic Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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The Netherlands' most famous port city, Amsterdam's waterfront seemlessly blends old with new. More

Shanghai Yachting Industry Master Development Plan, China


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Shanghai, strategically located at the mouth of the Yangtze River Delta, has ambitions to become the waterfront and yachting capital of East Asia. More

Lelystad - A City Turns to its Coast, The Netherlands


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Lelystad is a remarkable “New Town” located 5 metres below sea level, around 40 km northeast of Amsterdam in the reclaimed island province More

Amsterdam North - NDSM Shipyard, The Netherlands


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Dutch Dock and Shipbuilders Society (NDSM) Shipyard is a famous site in the city of Amsterdam. It was once the most modern More

A New Riverfront for Veessen, The Netherlands

Go to Project - Veessen, The Netherlands

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This project is an example of a quickscan assessment, where expertise in waterfront projects can be used efficiently in a cost-effective manner for projects of all scales and sizes. More

Jakarta Coastal Development Strategy

Jakarta water levels

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Solving water defense and transportation issues while providing new living space More

Evaluating Recreational Water Sports Zones in The Hague

The Hague, The Netherlands

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How a natural coastal defence system can encourage new waterfront activities More

Kuwait Coastal Harbours Nikas Development

Kuwait, Nikas

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Plans for a chain of nine ports along the whole coastline of Kuwait More

Taparura Master Plan, Sfax, Tunisia


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In recent years, a 264 hectare urban district became available to develop which sits on top the refuge site of the former fertilizer plant that was shut down due to its polluting effects on the surrounding water. More

City of Islands, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan, China

Zhongshan China

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Sustainable urban developments, especially in coastal environments like the Cuiheng New District, can only be achieved if they meet fundamental conditions for sustainable water management. More

Montenegro Marina Development, Montenegro

Kotor Marina, Montenegro

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After traversing much of the coast and visiting half a dozen locations, a SWOT analysis was performed on each of these sites, exploring everything from More