The Dutch Approach: Integrated Waterfront Development

In the 20th Century, the Dutch coast was twice devasted by rising sea levels due to storm events, and then in the 1990s was almost crippled inland by flooding rivers. Dutch engineers, designers and planners have learnt a lot about the effectiveness of large public works projects vs. smaller micro projects. The solution: an integrated approach to waterfront development.

Poznan Masterplan, Poland

Flooding Rivers


The new approach to water management combines the idea of making more space for water with interventions to improve the spatial quality of the river surroundings. More

Sea Levels Rising

Superstorm Sandy

Different regions around the world will be affected by rising sea levels and storms at different degrees based on their local climate and geology More

Integrated Waterfront Development Process

Waterfronts NL team

An integrated team can look beyond the boundaries of the waterfront itself, beyond the individual disciplines of each team member More

The Development Process in 7 Stages

In this section we provide an overview of the process of waterfront development. These stages can be applied to all scales and types More