Integrated Waterfront Development

The Netherlands has a long history of both integrated planning and design, as well as water-related projects. The scarcity of developable land and the continuous threat of flooding for almost 1,000 years has lead to joint professional efforts for the development of integrated plans and innovative solutions. 

Integrated waterfront, Amsterdam 

A Dutch Perspective

The ”Dutch perspective” on waterfront development is unique, shaped by our history of claiming land from the sea in one of the busiest and most complex river deltas in the world. Half of the country is located up to 7 meters below sea level, achieved through a combination of integrated water management, the construction of dikes, and the use of wind energy for draining marshes and lakes to create land for agriculture and urbanization. The Dutch have been considered amongst the strongest water engineering, urban waterfront, and delta planners in the world for centuries, and are constantly innovating their skills and approach.


To ensure a sustainable and successful waterfront (re-)development project, it is essential that an integrated team of professionals from different fields of expertise work closely together to deliver a responsible and holistic plan. An integrated team can look beyond the boundaries of the waterfront itself, beyond the individual disciplines of each team member, and combine these different perspectives into a streamlined vision. Learn about our proven process of waterfront development or view our specific skills and services.