All shapes and sizes

Over our decades of working together, Waterfronts NL has learned that waterfront development projects range in size, phase, budget and most importantly, context. Before committing to an expensive feasibility study, we have created several packages to explore your local context and maximise your investments. Download PDF


Quick scan assessments

A quick scan assessment provides strategic advice by our waterfront experts for your business case, approach, analysis and design, and identifies key opportunities and risks. We work from a water-to-land and land-to-water approach that delivers:

• SWOT analysis
• Preliminary business case
• Operational model
• Preliminary development figures
• Potential show stoppers / big issues
• Action plan with quick wins
• Concept plan
• Next steps
• Final presentation / delivery of PowerPoint report

An example of a quick scan assessment is the Yacht Valley Strategic Vision, which included snapshot assessments and recommendations for five cities, or read more about our quick scan assessments.

Lelystad's Bataviahaven, The Netherlands

Excursions / Tours

An excursion takes you on a tour of different types of waterfronts and marinas to inspire you and show you our waterfront development principles in action, including:

• development and trends in yachting
• quality of facilities and services in marinas and waterfronts
• marina management aspects
• planning and design of marinas and waterfronts
• land making, locks and the creation of polders
• water management issues caused by climate change
• nature development and ecological issues

An example of an excursion is the Flevoland tour, which includes engineering, mixed-use, educational, industrial, residential and full service marinas. Or learn more about our excursion tours.

Masterplan for Shenzen, China

Waterfront development masterplan / vision / strategy

Waterfronts NL's team of experts have seen successful waterfronts all over the world, and the lessons learned from our experience translates into high quality recommendations and plans, including:

  • Spatial development plans
  • Waterfront visions
  • Water defense strategies
  • Concept plans
  • Masterplans
  • Design guidelines
And much more. We have dozens of examples from all over the world, and an excellent example of a collaborative waterfront development strategy is Poznan, Poland, or learn more about our consulting services.

Yachting industry development plan

Many new yachting markets are opening all over the world, from India to China to Brazil. A yachting industry development plan assesses the current state of the your local industry, and explores potential destinations, yachting routes, marina capacities and more. This can include:

  • Analysis of the local situation
  • Comparison with lessons learned from around the world
  • Exploration of regional assets 
  • Proposal for a yachting network that connects the region and provides destinations for yachts to go to
  • Assessment of the marina network 
  • List of recommendations for enhancing yachting in the region in the short, medium and long term 
A recent example of a yachting industry development is Xiamen, China, or learn more about our integrated approach.

Design & build

Once a project has been given the go ahead, its time to do the in-depth analysis, engineering and design. We provide the A-Z of waterfront development services, from initiation through to construction and delivery. We work in integrated teams and can cover the full set of skills required, including:

  • Project management
  • Architecture, landscape & urban design
  • City & regional planning
  • Engineering, hydrology, and geotechnical
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • Construction
  • Supplies
View our overview of the integrated waterfront development process, or for an example of a sustainability assessment, design and build project, see Bruinisse Marina Expansion.