Monnickendam - Waterfronts NL Participants' Collective Expertise

Monnickendam is a quaint, traditional Dutch town 15 km north of Amsterdam situated on the Markermeer – part of the former inland sea. Seven local land owners along Monnickendam’s waterfront wanted to create a shared vision for the waterfront to present to the municipality, and Waterfronts NL was asked to help shape this vision. This project illustrates the power and synergy of collective expertise, and demonstrates Waterfronts NL’s proven record of working together on integrated waterfront development plans. Quick Scan Assessment


Experts from Waterfronts NL held a workshop in Monnickendam with land owners to explore the opportunities, challenges, stakeholders, history, and future of the area. By the conclusion of the workshop, a SWOT analysis, preliminary figures on the impact of expanded water sport and yachting opportunities, and next steps were established and presented to the municipality of Monickendam, alongside the concept vision for a renewed waterfront for Monnickendam.

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