Waterfront Development Process in 7 Stages

Waterfront development can seem like an overwhelming process, and we have broken it down into manageable pieces. These general stages illustrate the big picture of waterfront development worldwide. Please contact us to discuss the particular needs of your waterfront project. Download a PDF outlining our waterfront development process.

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Stage 1 Idea

With the help of professional analysis, an initial idea can grow into a robust vision More


Stage 2 Analysis

As the initial idea is formed into a vision and project requirements, analysis can help explore the possibilities More

Concept & Planning

Stage 3 Concept & Planning

The vision is applied to a place, as spatial layouts and options for the development program are generated More

Design & Engineering

Stage 4 Design & Engineering

At this stage, many of the “big moves” are already decided, and the detailed design, engineering, and architecture drawings More

Permits & Approvals

Stage 5 Permits & Approvals

Over the course of each stage, various permits and approvals are required from government authorities, private interests, and clients More

Realisation & Operations

Stage 6 Realisation & Operations
All the pieces are in place, and it is time for the vision to finally come to fruition. More


Stage 7 Evaluation

An often neglected, but essential element of waterfront development is evaluating whether or not the development has achieved its vision More

A to Z of Waterfront Development

Waterfront Development Services

Our participants encompass the full range of consultancy services needed to realise waterfront development or re-development projects More