About Waterfronts NL - Dutch Experts in Waterfronts

Waterfronts NL is a group of Dutch companies with expertise in waterfront design, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, and supplies. Our team has worked together on dozens of waterfront projects worldwide, applying a proven integrated approach to waterfront development. We offer introductory packages as well as a full consultancy services for projects of all sizes.

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Designers, Architects, Planners, and Engineers

Waterfronts NL offers the A to Z of waterfront development services, and our focus is on high quality design, planning, and engineering. Our group of design, architecture, planning, and engineering consultants share a common vision about creating beautiful, sustainable, and resilient waterfronts, and we value the sharing of ideas and working together towards solutions. We have worked together using an integrated approach on dozens of international and Dutch projects.

Finding Solutions

Does your municipality want to explore all the opportunities for re-developing its waterfront?
How can you develop a yachting network to connect surrounding urban and recreational areas?
Which waterfront locations would make the most responsible investments?
What is the feasibility of developing and operating a marina?

Large yacht, small canal in Monnickendam, The Netherlands

Each of our companies' particular skills and experience can be drawn on to explore these challenging questions. Teamwork and collective experience can help solve the big questions, while our specific expertise can tackle the design and engineering challenges that arise in each particular place, whether they be political, stakeholder, financial, hydrology, or geotechnical challenges.

We offer introductory packages through to full project services.

Global approach, local context

Key principles of our approach to waterfront development include:
• Identity – understanding the unique character and diversity of natural and built places
• Local context – respecting the particular local and regional context
• Inclusivity – providing a benefit for all
• Connectivity – celebrating the edge between land and water
• Revitalization – restoring existing waterfront communities into resilient places
• Sustainability – ensuring environmental, cultural, social, and economic considerations permeate
  our work