Stage 6 - Realisation & Operations

All the pieces are in place, and it is time for the vision to finally come to fruition. See our consulting services for more information.

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Tender Contracts

Tender bids, which price the costs of the construction, including all materials, equipment, construction drawings and labour required, are sought from qualified construction companies.

Financing of Development As realisation costs reflect 90% of a development project’s budget, the financing of the development must be secured by this stage of the project.

Overall Supervision

In most cases the designers of the development will oversee the construction to ensure it is being developed according to the vision.
Infrastructure Before construction of individual buildings can begin, land-based and maritime-based infrastructure must be developed.
Materials & Supplies

Depending on the requirements of the project, different materials and supplies will be required, as well as any reclamation of land, dredging, and other steps must be taken before construction can begin.


Hiring and/or training high quality professionals will ensure smooth construction, verification, and maintenance.

Construction Verification

Once the construction project is ready to be delivered to the client, a verification of quality is performed before final handover is completed.

Operations & Maintenance Over the course of the project, considerations for the short-, medium-, and long-term maintenance and operations of the development is weaved into its design, and enable the development to function and even adapt to future changes to the surrounding landscape and built form. 

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