Stage 4 - Design & Engineering

At this stage, many of the “big moves” are already decided, and the detailed design, engineering, and architecture drawings are prepared for realisation. In Design & Build projects, a single team is responsible for design, engineering, permits, and realisation. See our consulting services for more information.

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Urban Design

Urban design refers to the “spaces between buildings” and is concerned with the relationship between buildings, parks, plazas, streets, and other spatial planning elements, with a particular focus on the built form. Excellence in urban design is essential to create lively places, retain views of the waterfront, and to express the identity of a place.


Architecture is a far-reaching term that can encompass all design activities, but here speci´Čücally refers to the design of elements of the built form, such as buildings, bridges, etc.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture refers to the design of outdoor spaces, with a particular focus on green landscapes including parks, storm water management systems, wetlands, nature reserves, etc. Landscape architects are particularly skilled at site planning, environmental restoration, green infrastructure, and landscape design.

Marina Design

Marina design pays particular attention to the planning and design of marinas, and requires knowledge of boating routes, water access, and marina operations.

Hydrological Engineering

Hydrology refers to the movement, distribution, and occurence of water and is an essential component of water management.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Infrastructure engineering refers to the engineering of the underlying infrastructure of any development -- energy, sewerage, storm water, potable water, telecommunications, etc.

Transportation & Mobility

Transportation and mobility refer to analysis of how people will arrive, move through, and leave the site, including impact on the existing road and public transit capacity, integrating marine transportation and land transportation, and ensuring people have options for getting around.

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