Stage 5 - Permits & Approvals

Over the course of the planning, design, and engineering stages, various permits and approvals are required from government authorities, private interests, and from the client. These vary depending on the location of the proposed development. See our consulting services for more information.

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Local, Regional, National, International Authorities

Local authorities may refer to the municipality, local port authority, local planning council, development review panel, etc.
Regional authorities may refer to the provincial, state, county, or regional departments. Many places have existing regional plans for economic development, water resources, and natural area protection.
National authorities refer to national plans, ministries, authorities, parks, etc.
International authorities may refer to international treaties, such as the Kyoto Protocol, or international associations such as the European Union, or United Nations.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments refer to a commonly required analysis that measures the impact of the development on the local and surrounding environment.

Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability Assessments measure the impact of the development on sustainability factors:
- ecological
- social
- cultural
- economic issues

Construction Speciļ¬cations & Parameters Construction speciļ¬cations and parameters specify the requirements of all materials and construction techniques and are required for construction companies to determine the material and construction costs of a development, and to create construction drawings. 

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