Stage 1 - Idea

With the help of professional analysis, an initial idea can grow into a robust vision and understanding of what’s required to execute it.

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Initial Idea

Waterfront Developments usually begin with a client -- a community group, municipality, investor, developer, port authority -- who has an initial idea.


As more people and analysis are involved in the idea, the initial idea forms into a vision. This vision can be about a place, an idea, or a process.

Approach & Methodology

A design approach and project methodology are developed to deliver the vision.

Project Requirements

Project requirements are established to help break down the project into manageable pieces, and to ensure all required expertise are represented in the design, construction, and maintenance teams.

Project Objectives & Targets

Project objectives and targets are established to steer the project over its course, and to help evaluate the project once it is delivered, and continuing over its lifecycle, and into the next project.

Land Availability & Acquisition

As analysis proceeds, the land requirements of the vision must be determined, or the opportunities and constraints of the existing land examined.

Funding Sources & Budget Waterfront Development can occur at many different scales, and each location has different requirements, within a range of budgets.  The idea and analysis stages provide a great opportunity to explore what can be done for various budgets, before committing to design and construction.

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