Stage 3 - Concept & Planning

The vision is applied to a place, as spatial options and options for the development program are explored, ensuring the best design is selected for the job. In most circumstances, some agency approvals are required at this stage. See our consulting services for more information.

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Concept Sketches 

Ideas begin to be drawn into spatial locations in this stage.
Concept Options for Development

Exploring options -- both spatial and development program options -- is an excellent way to understand how the vision could translate into a design.

Testing of Development Program

The development program and proposed land uses should also be tested at this stage to ensure an informed choice when selecting an option for development.

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning refers to the distribution of land uses -- low density residential, mixed-use, retail, industrial, nature reserves, public space, etc. -- and is central to the character of an area. Often existing land uses must be changed to accommodate the new plan.

Concept Plan A concept plan is drawn to illustrate the selected option and further develop it.

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