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Twice a year Waterfronts NL produces a newsletter that is sent out to participants, suppliers, sponsors, and friends. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, please tick the "I would like to receive your newsletter" box and submit your details. You can download PDFs of our first two newsletters below in multiple languages, and since Autumn 2012 we have online versions of our newsletters.

Spring 2015: All Shapes and Sizes

Boat in Monnickendam, The Netherlands

This spring we introduce our waterfront packages, for all shapes and sizes of projects. From quick scan assessments, to excursions to design and build projects More

Autumn 2014 - Hot and Cold

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As water sports’ popularity slowly declines in Europe, the market is heating up in some unexpected places like Namibia and China. This autumn, Waterfronts NL offers solutions to both of these opposing problems. More

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Autumn 2013: Sea Levels Rising

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that global sea levels will rise around 20-70 cm before the end of the 21st century, but many argue that these figures are far too conservative and that observed sea level rise over the last few decades has already exceeded the best case projections.

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Spring 2013: Flooding Rivers

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This year Waterfronts NL is focusing two newsletters on the topic of flood prevention, to highlight examples of our Dutch expertise which can help governments, developers, and communities prevent flooding. This Spring 2013 Newsletter focuses on flood prevention along rivers.

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As a country situated on a major river delta to the sea, with much of the population living below sea level, Holland is currently battling flooding on two major fronts: at sea, and along rivers. More

Autumn 2012: Focus on Holland

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In celebration of our 1 year anniversary, our Waterfronts NL Autumn 2012 Newsletter focuses on waterfront development in The Netherlands (also known as Holland, or just "NL").

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Water-use and land-use planning go hand in hand in Holland, resulting in a landscape where water is fundamentally integrated into our living environment from the first stages of planning. Behind the dikes separating rivers and coasts from newly claimed land you can find small canals to drain the land, which also form important transportation networks for trade and industrial purposes. More

Winter 2011-2012: Focus on Asia


Our Waterfronts NL Winter 2011-12 Newsletter focuses on waterfront development in Asia, and is available in English and in Chinese.

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Water has formed the basis of urban development around the world for centuries. In Asia, virtually all cities, old and new, are directly connected to water by sea, river, or lake. These cities have a special relationship with water, using it as a means for transportation, delivering access to regional and global trade, and providing a lifeline for the city on many levels. More

Autumn 2011: An Introduction


Our first newsletter introduces Waterfronts NL, announces the opening of our Information Centre and website, and features the port town of Cartagena in Spain as a featured waterfront. This news letter is available in English and in Dutch.

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Cartagena is a historic port city along Spain’s southeast Mediterranean coast that balances its role as one of the most strategic port locations on the Mediterranean, with its identity as a celebrated historic city. Cartagena has over 2000 years of history as a Port City, having been founded by the Carthaginians in 227 B.C., More