Newsletter - Spring 2015

This spring, we are pleased to announce our new waterfront packages, to inspire and identify opportunities and show stoppers at the early stages of a project. Before conducting a thorough (and expensive) feasibility study, consider a quick scan assessment, or be inspired by one of our excursion tours or presentations.

Excursion, Yacht Valley Strategic Vision

Waterfront projects come in all shapes and sizes

Read our short introduction to various scales of projects, from quick scan assessments, to full design and build projects. More

Project - Quick scan assessment

An example of a quick scan assessment is the Yacht Valley Strategic Vision, which included snapshot assessments and recommendations for five cities.

Project - Excursion tour

An example of an excursion is the Flevoland tour, which includes engineering, mixed-use, educational, industrial, residential and full service marinas.

Project - Masterplan, Vision, or Strategy

An excellent example of a collaborative waterfront development strategy is Poznan, Poland.

Project - Yachting industry development plan

A recent example of a yachting industry development is Xiamen, China

Project - Design and build

An example of a sustainability assessment, design and build project is Bruinisse Marina Expansion.


Urban Water Strategy for Gdansk

The Urban Water Strategy for Gdansk is the result of a Polish-Dutch cooperation between City of Gdansk, a group of local Polish experts, Waterfronts NL founding member KuiperCompagnons, and Arcadis. The project is supported by the Dutch Governmental program ‘Partners for Water’.

The strategy provides a set of recommendations to increase the climate resilience and flood protection, and simultaneously strengthen the urban quality and socio-economic strength of Gdansk by taking advantage of the presence of water in the city. More

End-of-life boats report draws international interest

A report prepard by Waterfronts NL founding member WA Yachting Consultants on the growing problem of disposing of boats has gained international interest as more countries begin to understand the significant impact of the issue. The study outlines current trends in end-of-life boats (ELBs), reports on the number of boats in water and on shore, and estimates the current and projected number of ELBs. This is further broken down into weight of materials to determine the scale of the problem and the opportunities for creating dismantling facilities. More