Lelystad - A City Turns to Its Coast

Lelystad is a remarkable “New Town” located 5 metres below sea level, around 40 km northeast of Amsterdam in the reclaimed island province of Flevoland. Lelystad is the product of several large-scale public works projects that included converting The Netherlands' inland sea into a fresh water lake via an extensive dyke, followed by the reclamation of 1400 square km of land from the lake, the construction of major transportation infrastructure, and the development of a provincial capital linked with cities in the region and the water. We also offer excursions / tours of the area. Consulting Services


When Lelystad was first developed in the 1960s and 1970s, the town was centred around its train station with easy connections to the highway. As the city matured and became the capital of the Province of Flevoland, residents and planners began to appreciate the importance of its waterfront, and the need for a shared coastal vision to turn the city to its coast.


As part of the transformation of Lelystad, a marina was to be developed by the municipality of Lelystad to connect the existing city with a waterfront-oriented new complex that includes a mixed-use residential development, a ship museum and replica of the famous Batavia ship, grand public art, outlet shopping, a home port for traditional charter sailing barges and a marina for visiting yachts and river cruise docking. RoyalHaskoningDHV performed the environmental studies, design, engineering, project management, and contract management for the entire marina area, including an extensive breakwater that surrounds the marina, and Waterfronts NL supplier Inter Boat Marinas supplied the floating pontoons and floating breakwater for the marina.


In 2009, Lelystad Municipality wanted to further explore how the area’s waterfront assets could be connected via a coastal vision towards 2030. KuiperCompagnons was brought on board to engage local stakeholders and observe the existing waterfront – a process which they called collecting the “musings of the coast” – and working with the council brought the pieces together into a coherent vision. This vision was then taken forward and seen through the eyes of visitors, residents, and entrepreneurs to better understand the individual projects to focus on to catalyse the overall vision.


Waterfronts NL’s information centre and office, as well as WA Yachting Consultants office was located at the heart of the Batavia Marina, and is part of the complex that encloses the waterfront. Learn more about Flevoland.

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